Finding aids are available in the repository and online.  These finding aids consist of inventories and container lists that serve as guides to our collection.  The following list of finding aids will be updated regularly as more finding aids are created.


African-American Women's Organizations Records
Alumni/Faculty Collection
Anniversaries and Weddings Collection
Annual Reports
Cassandra Maxwell Birnie Collection, 1953-1999
Carolyn Harris Brown Papers, 1929-1973
Barbara Bush Visit Collection, 1991
Rossie B. Caldwell Papers
Campus Organizations:  Greek Letter Societies Records
Emma Stewart Dawkins Cassellberry Papers, 1905-1984--See repository for finding aid.
Arthur Peter Chippey Papers, 1925-1964
Thomas J. Crawford Collection
Thomas J. Crawford Collection:  Obituaries
Marianna White Davis Papers, 1945-1986
Gracia Dawson Scrapbook
Julian Dean Papers
Rutledge M. Dennis Papers
Elliott F. Elam Papers
Ernest A. Finney Collection, 1985-1995
Leroy Frasier Papers, 1930-1947
[Annual] Guidance Conference/A.I. Mose [Annual] Counseling Conference Records
Miriam Calhoun Hinds Scrapbook
William C. Hine Oral History Collection
Milton Dial Hunter Collection
Dorothy D. Jarvis Papers, 1953-1964
Ernest E. Just Collection
Maude E. Kennedy Papers, 1926-1996
Library Science Department Records
Benjamin E. Mays Collection, 1914-1998
Miss SCSU Collection
T. Carl Morgan Papers, 1959-1985
Johnalee Nelson Papers, 1963-1967
Newsletters Collection, 1967-
Nelson C. Nix Collection, c. 1944-1993
Obituaries Collection List 1 and Obituaries Collection List 2
Office of the President:  General Files--See repository for finding aid.
Orangeburg Massacre Pathfinder
Orangeburg Massacre Collection
Orangeburg Massacre Oral History Collection
Organizations Collection
Palmetto Medical, Dental and Pharmaceutical Association Records
Rosa W. Perry Papers
Personalities Vertical File
Annette L.H. Phinazee Papers, 1925-1969
Photo File Cabinet
Geneva S. Quick Papers, 1942
Records of the Inauguration of President Andrew Hugine, Jr.:  Inaugural Greetings
Emmalee Williams Reid Papers
Religious Materials Collection
Residence Halls
Louisa S. Robinson Papers, 1924-1991
ROTC Collection
Stanley A. Ryan Orangeburg Massacre Scrapbook--See repository for finding aid.
Johnnie M. Sharpe Papers
Sierra Leone Collection
South Carolina Schools Collection
F. Marcellus Staley Papers
Bernice W. Stukes-Mose Special Education Collection
Theses and Dissertations Held in the SCSU Historical Collection
Reginald R. Thomasson Papers, 1932-1996
Clarence V. Tobin Papers, 1949-1981
University Events Programs, 1921-1941
Clemmie E. Webber Papers
Johnson Chesnut Whittaker Collection. 1991-1995
Gwendolyn D. Wilson Papers, 1964-2001
Thomas J. Wilson Collection
Geraldine Zimmerman Papers, 1931-1992


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