University Records:


 The SCSU Historical Collection maintains the permanently valuable records of South Carolina State University. This group of materials includes but is not limited to the following: Administrative Records (i.e., Board of Trustees' Minutes, General Files from the Office of the President), Administrative Services (i.e., Accreditation Reports, Annual Reports, Committee Files), Photographs, Architectural Drawings, Personnel (i.e., Personnel Policies and Procedures), Accounting (i.e., Financial Report Annual), Athletic Department (i.e., Programs, Scrapbooks), and Department Papers (i.e., Professors (selected), Programs, Workshops/Lectures).


University Publications:

This includes various publications produced by or for the University, such as annual reports, yearbooks, calendars, recruitment material, alumni magazines, student newspaper (THE COLLEGIAN), directories, catalogues, and other serial publications.



Donated Materials:

These materials are often donated by alumni, which include records/artifacts that reflect the "University experience" from a personal perspective (i.e., student experience) or mirror the broader collection focus. Donations such as these contain papers, records, diaries, photographs, scrapbooks, yearbooks, funeral programs, correspondence, and *three dimensional artifacts (i.e., letter sweaters, trophies, medals, plaques, banners, mugs).



News Clipping Files:

These files contain news clippings that reflect or effect the University directly or indirectly. Selected news clippings encompass broader activities, which effect the African American community (i.e., cultural, education, business). The Historical Collection also maintains records of the Department of News and Communication, which often coincide with the clipping file.


Photograph Collection:

The pictorial records of the Historical Collection incorporate more than 20,000 images in the form of prints, picture post cards, photographic albums, and a limited number of negatives. Many of the collection photographs are located in a hanging file system, which relates to people, places, and /or events (University faculty, students, alumni, buildings, classes, and extracurricular activities).  


Audio-Visual Collection:

The A-V collection is made up of materials such as, architectural drawings, video and audio records of University events, people, places and other historically pertinent events within the collection focus. The majority of filmed events are University programs (Founders' Day, Centennial Celebration, and Commencement) and organized athletics at the University. The oral history collection is a small yet growing collection which is primarily comprised of materials either donated to the collection (i.e., Behind the Veil, Duke University Oral History Project) or created by the University (i.e., retirement programs).



* The quantity of three-dimensional artifacts accepted into the collection is often determined by space availability.



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