In order to facilitate scholarly and official use of its collections, the SCSU Historical Collection provides reproduction services.  Preservation concerns, however, dictate that some methods of duplication are inappropriate for some types of materials.  The final decision as to whether or not an item is too fragile to be copied will be made by the archivist.


            All photocopying is performed by SCSU Historical Collection staff.  Therefore, all orders are subject to the availability of staff.  Most orders will be filled at the time of the request, although larger orders may require a longer turn-around time.  Photocopying will only be done if it is determined that such duplication can be done without injury to materials.  The researcher assumes full responsibility for conforming to copyright laws.


            Payment for reproductions must be received at the time of the request.  In special cases, such as with photographic reproductions, payment is requested after duplication.


Photocopying Fees


No photocopying fees will be charged to University offices or individuals who have donated materials to the SCSU Historical Collection.


            Fees for non-donors


10 copies or less:  free
More than 10 copies: $.25 per page
By mail: There is a $5.00 minimum charge for postage and handling, plus $1.00 per 50 pages above the first 100 pages.  The postage and handling fees will be included in the pre-payment amount.
Faxed copies: first 10 copies free; $.25 per page for additional pages.   (This fee covers faxing only—if a patron also desires a copy to be mailed, the above photocopying                  fees and postage charge apply.)


Photographic Reproduction Fees


            Duplications of photographs can be obtained in two ways.  Actual photographic reproductions are handled through local commercial photographers.  Therefore, prices may vary.  If no negative exists for a requested item, a copy negative will be made at the expense of the requestor to be retained by the SCSU Historical Collection for future use.  Photographs may also be scanned in-house by staff and either saved to a CD or printed on photo paper.


Photographic reproduction: per photographer’s charge.
In-House Reproduction: $1.00 for a CD if images are to be saved; $5.00 per page if images are to be printed.
Handling Fee: There is a $1.00 per image charge for handling in photographs are sent to the off-site photographer.
Postage: There is a $5.00 minimum charge for postage.


Use Fees


No use fee will be charged for use in publications produced by University offices.  All others desirous of using SCSU Historical Collection materials in a publication must first seek permission by signing a Publication Agreement Form.  (See our Publication Policy.)


Non-University publication: There is a $25.00 fee for one-time use of SCSU Historical Collection materials.  Anyone wishing to re-use materials must reapply for permission and submit another use fee.




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