William C. Hine Oral History Collection






                Home Demonstration Agents–20 May 1988

                                Sarah Aiken Waymer

                                Altamese V. Pugh

                                Rosa Odom


                T. J. Crawford–9 March 1989


                M. Maceo Nance, Jr.–14 March 1989


                John C. Wrighten–6 June 1989


                Franklin R. Jackson–20 July 1990


                Lewie C. Roache–16 August 1990


                James and Ruby Sulton–20 July 1994


                Fred Henderson Moore–21 July 1994


                Rudolph Pyatt–25 August 1994


                Matthew Perry–19 June 1995


                Isaac “Ike” Williams–21 June 1995


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