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The Circulation  Department establishes and administers all procedures relative to the circulation of library resources. Patrons may check out/return books, pick up/return Interlibrary Loan (ILL) and PASCAL Delivers materials, and check out meeting rooms. Lost and Found for the library is also located at the Circulation Desk.

Circulation Staff

Circulation Desk    803-536-8645

Mrs. Barbara H. Gilliard
Supervisor, Circulation Unit - (803) 536-8631
Library Technical Assistant

Ms. Shakayla Daniely
Library Technical Assistant (Title III) - 803-536-8645

Mrs. Stephanie R. Stokes-Gordon
Library Technical Assistant (Serials, State/Federal Documents, and Interlibrary Loan/PASCAL Delivers) - (803) 516-4508

Circulation Services, Policies, and Procedures

Patron Borrowing Cards

All library users must present proper identification to check-out library materials.  Patrons may check out up to ten (10) books at a time with a loan period of thirty (30) days.  No checking out materials one-half (1/2) hour before closing on any given day.

SC State Students, Faculty, and Staff

Current SC State University students, faculty, and staff must have a valid SC State University ID.

Alumni and Retirees Borrowing Card

Alumni and retirees of SC State University may obtain a library borrowing card by completing a brief form.  After your information is verified, you will be issued a library card by the Circulation staff.

Community Borrowing Card

The library is accessible to the public.  Persons who are not South Carolina State University students, faculty, staff, alumni, retirees, or librarians in the city of Orangeburg may obtain the Community Borrowing Card for library privileges:

  1. Upon payment of a non-refundable twenty-five dollars ($25) annual fee to the Cashiers’ Office, Crawford- Zimmerman Building, second floor.
  2. Present the twenty-five dollars ($25) receipt to the desk attendant in the Circulation Unit.
  3. When your receipt is presented at the circulation desk, your Community Borrowing Card will be issued.  Card is only valid for a one (1) year from date of purchase.
  4. Books are due in the library within 30 days of the check-out date.  The due date is also stamped in the back of the book. A limit of ten (10) books is permitted at a time.

NOTE:  If two or more persons are using the same library card (parent/child, instructor/student, friends, etc.), the card holder is solely liable for all materials that are checked-out.

There is a .25 per day charge for each book that is returned to the library after the due date.  Lost book(s) are $75.00 plus a $10.00 processing fee for each item. 

ALL charges are payable to South Carolina State University Cashiers’ Office ONLY.  The receipt is brought to the Circulation Desk for record update.


In House Use of Library Materials

All books may be read in any area of the library.  After usage, books are to be placed on book trucks. Users are not to re-shelve any material.  Library personnel will return all books to their proper location.  A mis-shelved book is a lost book.

Item Loan (Book Check Out) Procedure

  1. Obtain the call number for desired book(s) from the online catalog

  2. Check the Library's Stack Directory (Reference Area) to determine the floor location of the book(s)

  3. Pull book(s) from shelves

  4. Take book(s) to the circulation desk (lobby) for charging

  5. Present a SC State University or Community Patrons Borrowing Card (ID) to desk attendant

  6. No checking out materials one-half (1/2) hour before closing on any given day.

Item Loan Period

Library materials are loaned (checked out) for a period of thirty (30) days.  The due date is stamped on the Date Due Slip in the back of the book.  There are no renewals on books.

The library staff emails borrowers overdue notices, but it is the borrower's responsibility to know when books are due and to return them on time.

Overdue Notices,
Fines, and Fees

The Circulation staff sends borrowers two overdue notices, but it is the borrower's responsibility to know when books are due and to return them on time.  Notices will be sent before a patron is charged for a book. The first notice will be sent ten (10) days after the due date, and the final notice will be sent thirty (30) days after the due date.  Any material more than 30 days past the overdue date is considered lost.

A $.25 cents per day fine is imposed on books returned late. If a book is lost or destroyed by a borrower, the borrower will pay $75.00 plus a $10.00 non-refundable processing fee. If parts of a set are missing, the borrower must pay to replace the entire set at the current price of the set. The borrower may retain remaining parts of the set.

Faculty and staff are not required to pay fines.  If the book is lost, faculty and staff must pay the actual cost of the book.

When a borrower incurs fines and fees, the borrower will receive an invoice to pay with Cashiers' Office.  Upon payment at the Cashiers' Office, the borrower must get a receipt to  present at the Circulation Desk to clear the fines from the borrower's account and restore borrowing privileges.

Loss of Borrowing Privileges

A borrower's right to borrow library materials will be suspended when they have 10 or more overdue books, or owe $5.00 in fines for books returned or owe $10.00 for books not returned.

Reserve Materials

Faculty may withdraw books from circulation or photocopy materials from other sources that are required for course assignments or recommended for supplementary study. These materials may be placed on reserve at the circulation desk. Copyright guidelines are adhered to for photocopied materials.

To Use Faculty Reserve Materials:

  1. Books and materials that faculty have on reserve are shelved behind the circulation desk

  2. Ask for the Instructor's Reserve List if you do not have the call number and/or title of the desired reserved material

  3. Present SC State University Borrowing Card or ID.  This card will be held with the Reserve Card until material(s) is returned to the desk attendant.  Sign the reserve card legibly and EXACTLY as it is on your borrowing card or ID.

  4. Desk attendant will then pull the reserve material

  5. Reserve items are checked out/in on the library system for In House Usage Count only and cannot be physically taken out of the library.  Items must be returned within two hours.

Reserve books are checked out according to instructor's specifications.  Fines are one dollar ($1.00) an hour for the return of late reserve materials.

Special Collection

Special Collection (Spec. C.) books are housed on the first floor.  All Special Collection books are to be used in house and cannot be checked out.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Interlibrary Loan is a service that allows faculty, staff, student, and community patrons to borrow information from another library when the information is not available or accessible in the Miller F. Whittaker Library. 

The library is a member of Lyrasis, a regional membership organization of libraries, and has access to other regional networks through cooperative library activities with OCLC, Inc. (Online Computer Library Center). These alliances give users access to libraries of all types in more than 100 countries and territories for interlibrary loans. Additional periodical resources can be accessed from University Microfilms, Inc. (UMI) Article Clearinghouse.

What items are borrowed?
Items not owned by the Miller F. Whittaker Library are borrowed from other participating OCLC libraries and periodical sources. These include but are not limited to:

  • Theses

  • Dissertations

  • Books

  • Journal articles

  • Microforms

Who can utilize the ILL services?

  • Students

  • Faculty

  • Staff

  • Community users

How long will it take?
It takes as long as 3-5 working days to initiate, receive, process, and disseminate an interlibrary loan item to a user for in-state borrowing. Out-of-state borrowing takes 5-15 working days.

Notification of arrival
The library cannot guarantee an exact date for receipt of materials. When your requests are received, processed, and ready for circulation, the ILL staff will notify you by phone/e-mail. If you cannot be reached by phone a written notification will be sent.  Materials requested through ILL can be picked up anytime during library hours.

Some interlibrary loan items can be renewed. You may call in to renew or come in person.

How much will it cost?
Most interlibrary loans do not incur fees.  However, in some cases, the lending library may have a fee for borrowing.  Express, same day, and special delivery services are more expensive.  Requesting patrons will be notified of any costs prior to the process of the request as the patron is responsible for any interlibrary loan cost incurred.

Community Higher Education Council
Students, faculty, and staff at South Carolina State University, Claflin University, and Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College, have access to library holdings from each others collections. As part of the Alliance project, agreements have been formalized to allow access to borrow books and journals in these libraries. In each library, photocopies may be made for a small charge; however, borrowing privileges vary among institutions.

Distance Education Students
ILL borrowing for distance education students is the same as for on-campus students.

PASCAL Delivers:
PASCAL Delivers is South Carolina's virtual academic library.  It enables students and faculty at SC's institutions of higher learning to request books from any academic library in the state and receive those books at their home institution in just a few business days.  To submit a PASCAL Delivers request, click on the PASCAL Delivers link above, search the PASCALCAT statewide online catalog system, click on "Request This Item" once you find the material you need, choose SC State University from the list of affiliated institutions and type in your name and SC State University id number.  If you receive an error message once you have completed this process, contact the Circulation Desk at 803-536-8645 to make sure your name and SC State id number are correctly in the Circulation system.

ILL Request Form:
Use the Interlibrary Loan Request Form to complete and submit your ILL request online.  If you are requesting a book, remember to check the PASCALCat statewide online catalog system first.  Once your online request is submitted, you will receive a message confirming that it was received and is currently being processed. 


Library personnel process all federal documents, state documents, ERIC documents, and other documents in microform and paper formats.  The library is a partial depository for federal and state documents and receives federal documents from the Government Printing Office and state documents from the State Library.  The Superintendent of Documents Classification number is assigned to each federal document and the State Classification System is used for state documents.


Library personnel process and monitor receipt of all current newspaper and periodical subscriptions via vendors and directly with publishers.