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About the Library


The library staff welcomes you to the Miller F. Whittaker Library. The staff is comprised of seven professional librarians, including the Dean of Library and Information Services, and eight permanent support staff members to assist you with your academic and research needs. The library offers a number of programs and services designed to meet the expressed and potential needs of library users.

Dean's Message

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you the Miller Fulton Whittaker Library webpage.  Through this page we invite and engage you joining us as we share the resources and services of the library.

Fall 2009, began a new era for the library as we embark on the defining points of our new brand:  Miller F. Whittaker Library: An Information Tree in the World of Knowledge! One may ask, why a tree?  The answer is simple:

A tree begins with a seed (South Carolina State University) in the ground, fertilized and nourished with strong roots (SC State Historical Collection).  A trunk providing sturdiness and structure (building),  with branches, sprouts, limbs and leaves (print and non-print collections, digital collection, services and knowledgeable faculty and staff)  to provide the housing and access to all the resources to support the informational and instructional needs of the patrons to be served.

You are all invited to come and sit under our information tree and be covered with its shade of knowledge, as the leaves blow whispering information from all corners of the world embracing our Library mission, “…to provide access and information resources to support research methodology and critical thinking, instruction, self-development and life-long learning…”  

As I close, I must say that the first seven months have been great!  With the cultivators of information, Librarians and support staff working together, in and out of season the Information Tree will produce informational fruit beyond measure.

Adrienne C. Webber
Dean of Library and Information Services


Mission Statement

The mission of the Miller F. Whittaker Library is to provide access to and delivery of information resources to support research methodology and critical thinking, instruction, self-development, lifelong learning skills, and the mission of the university. The library staff strengthens the intellectual environment of the academic community by developing, organizing, and preserving multi-formatted collections for information retrieval. The library staff focuses on meeting user needs and provides innovative and creative learning opportunities, fosters relationships with faculty, provides outreach services to students and the community, supports academic disciplines in the research process, and participates in the teaching process by facilitating information access.


Vision Statement

The vision of the Miller F. Whittaker Library is to ensure that the academic community will be effective searchers, retrievers, interpreters, and managers of information in a competitive and global society.



In 1967, South Carolina State College received $1m. from the South Carolina Assembly and the Higher Education Facilities Act to build a new library. The new structure, the Miller F. Whittaker Library was dedicated in 1969. The library was named in honor of Dr. Miller F. Whittaker, the third president of South Carolina State University. The library consisted of two floor levels and a lower level. In 1979, a third level - the mezzanine floor, was added to increase the seating and shelving capacity for users and resources. The library's integrated online system was implemented in 1991. Users have access to the collection through a computerized system.

Today, the Miller F. Whittaker Library maintains over 302,768 volumes, 1,028,132 microforms, and subscribes to over 974 journals and magazines. The library serves as a partial depository for a select group of Federal documents and a sub-depository for State publications. A variety of programs and services are offered to meet the needs and expectations of library users.

Library Directors
  • Ms. Celeste Hatcher, Librarian 1925-?

  • Mrs. Julia McBeth, Librarian 1930-31

  • Mrs. H.B. Lawson, Librarian 1931-32

  • Mrs. A.R. Nix, Head Librarian 193?-56

  • Mrs. Jestina Henderson, Head Librarian 1956-60

  • Mr. Binford C. Conley, Head Librarian 1960-63

  • Ms. Barbara J. Williams, Head Librarian 1963-71

  • Mrs. Lillie S. Walker, Acting Head Librarian 1971-74

  • Dr. Barbara W. Jenkins, Dean, Lib. & Info. Services 1974-97

  • Ms. Mary L. Smalls, Dean, Library & Information Services 1997-2008
  • Ms. Adrienne C. Webber, Dean, Library & Information Services 2008-